Sunday, August 16, 2009

Three Ring Circuits

Well, as I've mentioned in previous posts, I've begun a little early Xmas shopping. Mostly stocking stuffers for the kids but other things, too.

I was looking for something for wouldn't believe how difficult it is to find something for a guy that's "handmade". At least the MEN in my life (hubby, dad, grandfathers, and my brother).
As I've also professed, I'm a geek. My brother is, too, but he also leans towards the pc end of the geeky spectrum. All things pc is what he's about. I'm SOO tired of buying him New or Best Buy gift certificates. The same gift; year after year. BOOORRRRIIINNNGGG!

Imagine my surprise when I came across (this fairly new) shop, on Artfire, last night!

The "Three Ring Circuits" shop is handmade geekery at it's finest! They specialize in upcycling pc circuit boards.

Clipboards (which are really cool and I'm still considering one for my oldest son); earrings and brooches (yes, SERIOUSLY); pencil and jewelry boxes; bookmarks (too cool); and keychains (which I purchased one for my geeky brother). :)

You really need to go see the rest of their fabulous stock! They're in "my market" now!