Thursday, August 6, 2009


Kris owns the "Lisianblue" and "Lisianblue 2" shops on Artfire.

Her first shop sells an extensive variety of beautifully, hand-crafted items. Jewelry, glass ornaments, suncatchers, stained glass, mobiles, glassware, and more!!!

I had a very difficult time picking pictures to showcase her work. I finally went with a different pic for 4 categories: glassware, suncatchers, ornaments, and pendants. I even hotlisted a couple of her pieces for Xmas gifts!

Kris destashes in her second shop. Which is such a BRILLIANT idea, that I'm going to set-up my own destash shop today! I have a pile of things waiting for pics, etc that I've been putting off but I'm inspired now. LOL

Some very cute fabric is listed there.