Sunday, May 31, 2009

Intuitive Glass on Etsy - Feature Artisan

Barb is the owner, of Intuitive Glass, on Etsy.

She is a glass artisan and has some BEAUTIFUL jewelry listed. I had to limit myself to my two favs but your really need to visit her shop to see the scope of her craftsmanship!

Selling Like Hotcakes!!!

I have sold more of these, in the past two weeks, than I have in the past couple of months. They are my HOTTEST items next to my quilted purses. Microwave potato/corn bags are THE item right now!

They are going fast. Get them while they're "hot". LOL

I offer the microwave potato/corn bags in two additional fabrics: a small vegetable medley (1 remaining) and a pepper (not the hot type) medley. Paypal and Google Checkout accepted (through a secured shopping card).

Saturday, May 30, 2009

Bully Grrl on Artfire - Featured Artisan

Bully Grrl has some great, and original, artwork in her shop.

She offers cards, too.

I've posted my fav pic of a card because I want you to go see her artwork for YOURSELF...I couldn't pick JUST one...

Art of the Firebird on Artfire - Featured Artisan

Art of the Firebird's shops specializes in lampwork bead and pendant jewelry. Some very pretty items are displayed.

Stop by and take a look. Try NOT to buy anything.

Kikay Designs on Artfire - Featured Artisan

Monique, of Kikay Designs, has beautiful tote and messengers bags on her site. She also has a variety of wristlets and (get this!) a bowling bag!!!

Check her shop out'll like what you see...

Friday, May 29, 2009

All About The Buttons on MIM - Featured Artisan

Barbara, of All About The Buttons on MIM, has a self proclaimed addiction to buttons and yarn. It shows in the wonderful variety of items in her shop!

I've included pictures of my two favs...the CUTEST things around. I just LOVE the clock!

Stop by and give her shop a you'll find something that will be perfect for someone in your life (if NOT yourself!).

We Be Scrapbooking on Artfire - Featured Artisan

We Be Scrapbooking has some of the cutest items in the shop!!!

Handmade cards, scrapbooking decorations, and more.

I had to limit myself to 3 of my favs.

Visit them at

LuSanda Jewelry on Artfire - Featured Artisan

LuSanda, of LuSanda Jewelry on Artfire, has some very pretty jewelry.

Beautiful earrings, necklaces, and even toe rings!

Stop by and take a look:

Thursday, May 28, 2009

May's Contest Ends Sunday

This month's contest ends Sunday.

Leave (up to 3) a comment on ANY post to enter to win a VERY cute prize.

I've added a couple of new items to my shops!

I've added 3 new toddler purses (flowers, butterflies, and flip flops). Also, 2 new pillowcases: Dragonflies and What's Hiding in the Jungle?. Finally a great way to show your patriotism and help out the environment with my new market bag.

I always offer free shipping on all orders (no min. purchase necessary).

Nothing But String on Etsy - Featured Artisan

Emily, owner of Nothing But String, on Etsy has some really great items whether they're crocheted or made with beads!

You MUST check out her purse and tablerunners that have crochet motifs added to them...very elegant!

Give her shop a look and you won't be disappointed!

BStauff Designs on Artfire - Featured Artisan

BStaff Designs is our 2nd featured artisan for today.

She loves turning vintage fabrics into purses and clothing. She even has vintage patterns from the 40's & 50's!

I just love the colors and design of these two totes!

Stop by her shop and you'll be pleasantly surprised!

All About The Buttons on Artfire - Featured Artisan

Barbara, of All About The Buttons on Artfire, has a self proclaimed addiction to buttons and yarn. It shows in the wonderful variety of items in her shop!

I've included pictures of my two favs...the CUTEST things around. I just LOVE the clock!

Stop by and give her shop a you'll find something that will be perfect for someone in your life (if NOT yourself!).

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Quilts for Michael Cuddyer & Family - Minnesota Twins

Here are two quilts that I made for Mike Cuddyer, of the Minnesota Twins. The small one was for his newborn the "TBD" in place of the number???

The other quilt is a lap that was made for his father, Henry.

Upton Quilt Featured in USA Today - reposted

Here is the article written by Seth Livingstone, a reporter for USA Today Sports. You can find the actual article and picture of the quilt on his blog at USA Today. But I'm posting the article and I'll upload the picture.

SCOTTSDALE, Ariz. -- Pick up Tuesday's USA Today to read all about two of baseball's budding stars, brothers B.J. and Justin Upton. I recently had the chance to speak to the Uptons and their parents -- Yvonne and Manny. The parents go out of their way to divide their time equally when it comes to spending time with their sons and watching games on TV (an all-night prime-time undertaking when Tampa Bay and Arizona both play at home) and in person. That's one reason Yvonne Upton was so excited about her new quilt (the family has several specially-made baseball-themed quilts) that she received prior to her trip to Arizona last week. Her new quilt gives B.J., a center fielder for the Rays, and Justin, a right fielder for the Diamondbacks, equal billing. Designed by her friend, Kim Brinsfield of Virginia Beach, Va., Yvonne's salute to her sons' major league status is 56 1/2 x 72 inches and took more than two months to produce. With Yvonne’s name across the center, it features the names of both players, the blue and white Tampa Bay team colors and logo on the top half, and red, tan and black Arizona scheme on the bottom. It’s cotton on the front side, a fluffy polyester blend on the back. “I had it made special,” says Yvonne Upton, “and it is really nice.” Hey, until the MVP trophies come along, quilts will have to do.

Anbo on Etsy - Featured Artisan


When I first visited Anbo's shop, I LOVED what I saw! I have to tell you that my eye was immediately drawn to the pictures that I NEVER read the shop's banner.

I THOUGHT that everything was made with polymer clay or's NOT!!!

Her shop features Kanzashi items. "Kanzashi" is an old Japanese art of making silk flowers for hair decoration. WHAT???? These items are made from SILK!!!

I couldn't limit myself to 2 pics this time...but did somehow manage to stop at 3.

You MUST go by her shop and see for yourself and see more of the craftsmanship!

Treasures From Hawaii on Etsy - Featured Artisan

Treasures from Hawaii, on Etsy, is the 2nd featured artisan of the today.

Stunning photographs for sale! Landscapes, seascapes, animals, and floral images are simply breathtaking. They make me want to hop on a plane, today, and see them for myself!

I had to limit myself to only a couple of pictures but you really need to visit their shop to see lots more!

Oh, and btw...they also have beautiful, original, artwork available, too.

Midnight Beadery on Etsy - Featured Artisan

The first of today's featured artisans is, Midnight Beadery, on Etsy.

She makes a variety of charms, lanyards, necklaces, and earrings.

I've shown a couple of my favorite pieces.

Her hoop earrings are VERY nice!

Shabby Bags ... Mixxmade Cross Promotion

Jan, of Shabby Bags, is one of the sweetest people out there (in internet-land)!!!

She has been very generous with her time (and talents) in helping clueless people like me get new (and really NICE)avatars. Check out mine!

She holds monthly contests on her website. Anyone can participate (your item has to be listed on MIM and follow the theme of the month) and anyone can vote. Her poll instantly tells you who's leading and keeps track so that you can only vote once (no PADDING her ballots!).

Visit her shop to see some great bags, totes, pouches in a variety of styles and fabrics. Absolutely gorgeous! You can click on her badge or go to:

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

ATTENTION: Artfire Artisans With Less Than (5) Sales

If you are a vendor on Artfire and have less than (5) sales, check out the guild that I started. "Shops With Less Than (5) Sales". I have also started a guild blog and sign-ups for promotions have started.

Stop by and take a look and see if it's something that you might be interested in joining.

Lamp Essentials on Etsy - Featured Artisan

Lamp Essentials offers you the opportunity to buy a kit and to make your very OWN fragrant lamp!

Reasonably priced and everything's included, you can't beat the deal!

Artisans Jewels on Etsy - Featured Artisan

Darlene has some beautiful jewelry on her shop. A number of matching sets that are really eye catching!

I've posted a picture one of my favorite items in her shop.

Stop by and take a look, I promise that you won't be disappointed!

Braggin Rights on MIM - Featured Artisan

Tracy has some NEW items in her shop and they are just the CUTEST things!

Makes me wish I had a little girl to give them to.

You just HAVE to visit her shop!!!

Monday, May 25, 2009

Tell Us About A Vet That You Would Like To Honor

This is such a special day. We all enjoy the day off from work and bbq'ing with our family and friends.

Let us take a moment to share stories and pictures to remember and honor the veterans in our lives.

Please feel free to share with us.

This is a day of honoring...I will not be doing my usual "networking" and "promoting" today.

Let's Honor The Day

While we're all busy today: hosting/attending bbq's, enjoying the day spent with family and friends relaxing, please remember to HONOR the day.

Take a brief moment to reflect on the gravity of the day. So, many men and women in the armed forces have given their lives; are fighting for their lives; are fighting/fought for our freedom for over 200 years.

I live in an area of the country that has (an easy) half dozen military bases (the nearest 15 min. and the furthest 45 min.) close to my home. We respect, honor, and are proud of our military EVERY day.

But even we (if you're not military) sometimes need to reflect on the sacrifices our men and women have made. Their families have sacrificed. Wives/husbands who have lost their spouses or have spouses currently deployed. Children who lost a parent or live with the worry DAILY of a parent deployed.

So, please take just a brief moment to reflect on the men and women of the past, and of the ones, currently fighting for our country. No matter what your views are on the wars, they are still fighting for OUR freedom!

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Beading Dreams on Artfire - Featured Artisan

Joelle also sells a wide range of jewelry in her shop. From earrings, to medical alert bracelets, to eyeglass leashes, and more!

She has one special set of earrings for sale. She'll donate $1 to the Susan G. Komen Foundation. A very worthy cause. I've included a picture of the earrings.

Give her shop a look. Beautiful items!

Jenells Jewelry on Etsy - Featured Artisan

Jennell recently opened her shop on Etsy.

Her shop features beautiful jewelry, many made with Swarovski crystals...some of them vintage Swarovski!

Stop by and peruse for a're guaranteed to find something that you like!

One Scrappy Chic on Artfire - Featured Artisan

Bettina, just opened her shop recently, on Artfire.

She offers a variety of beautifully crafted mini notebooks, photo albums, and scrapbooks.

These are perfect from little girls on up to great-grandmothers! You must see the items in her shop!

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Newest Additions to My Shop

I've been so busy promoting others (which is really a lot of fun to do) that I forgot to mention a couple of my newest items.

I've had backorders for the microwave potato bag made with potato fabric. The fabric is in and I've filled orders. They're ready to be shipped first thing Monday. Get your's while the fabric's still available. I work in a quilt shop and it's VERY difficult to get (some shops, on the web, still have it as backordered until the end of the month).

I also have 2 new Durable Market Bags: Watermelons and Mermaids. Cute and strong enough to carry groceries, books, craft projects, whatever your heart desires!

A NOTE: My Market Bags are available in 3 different styles:

1) Durable (which are lined and have a strong inner stabilizer - Decor Bond) $27.95
2) Lined (outer fabric and a lining; NO stabilizer) $21.95
3) Orginal (NO lining or stabilizer) $14.95

All bags are made with french seams, so you won't have any seams exposed to fraying. They're all outer/topped stitched to give the bags a "boxed" look and to maintain shape. They can all be machine washed, dried, and ironed. All fold flat to carry in your purse or for storage in your glove compartment.

If you see a bag made in one style but would like it made in another; just let me know!

Always free shipping with no minimum purchase on all of my sites, too.

Sew What Guild Tour - Be The Thread

Beth has a shop on Artfire called Be The Thread.

Some of the cutest items imaginable. I just LOVE the dresses!!!