Saturday, May 23, 2009

Newest Additions to My Shop

I've been so busy promoting others (which is really a lot of fun to do) that I forgot to mention a couple of my newest items.

I've had backorders for the microwave potato bag made with potato fabric. The fabric is in and I've filled orders. They're ready to be shipped first thing Monday. Get your's while the fabric's still available. I work in a quilt shop and it's VERY difficult to get (some shops, on the web, still have it as backordered until the end of the month).

I also have 2 new Durable Market Bags: Watermelons and Mermaids. Cute and strong enough to carry groceries, books, craft projects, whatever your heart desires!

A NOTE: My Market Bags are available in 3 different styles:

1) Durable (which are lined and have a strong inner stabilizer - Decor Bond) $27.95
2) Lined (outer fabric and a lining; NO stabilizer) $21.95
3) Orginal (NO lining or stabilizer) $14.95

All bags are made with french seams, so you won't have any seams exposed to fraying. They're all outer/topped stitched to give the bags a "boxed" look and to maintain shape. They can all be machine washed, dried, and ironed. All fold flat to carry in your purse or for storage in your glove compartment.

If you see a bag made in one style but would like it made in another; just let me know!

Always free shipping with no minimum purchase on all of my sites, too.