Monday, January 24, 2011

Spirit Girl Jewelry and Art

Art is definately the kind of jewelry that you will find at the Spirit Girl Jewelry and Art shop.

Kathleen has a wonderful sense of color and an eye & talent for crafting beautiful jewelry.  She creates with fine silver, enameled fine silver, sterling silver, Swarovski crystals, and gemstones.

Read her bio to find out how she began her crafting journey.  She also has a great Artfire blog where you can get an idea to how much she loves her craft and the new things that she has tried.

Follow her on Twitter and on Facebook, so that you'll be among the first to know about new listings, sales, promotions, etc.

Monday, January 17, 2011

Keri Mae

I once took a punch needle class and found out just how difficult the craft really was...needless to say, I never tried it again. LOL

I just KNOW that needle felting is probably even more difficult than punch needle, so I have never dared to give it a try. But I do LOVE needle felted items and fell in love with Keri Mae's exquisite creations!

There are lots of things to be found in Keri's shop...amigurumi, purses, and so much more, but I wanted to focus on the needle felted critters.

Aren't they just the CUTEST things????

So, tiny and well-formed! You can easily see the joy and care that Keri takes in each and every one of them.

Follow Keri, on Twitter, to be among the first to know about new listings, upcoming sales, and promotions.

What's your fav critter?  Psst... I'm giving away a lined market bag (a $19.95 value) for this month's giveaway.  It's pictured in the upper, left-hand corner of my blog.  Just leave a comment to enter.  Enter as many times as you wish.

Friday, January 14, 2011

My Helping Hands

Many of you are probably familiar with Anne, owner of the "Made by Oaklie" shops on Artfire, and Etsy.

She also has the "My Helping Hands" shops on Artfire, Made it Myself, and her own website.

She creates custom ordered banners, avatars, single pic ads, revolving ads and so much more!!!

Anne created my avatar, my shop banners, and even my revolving ad (at the top of my blog)!  She is one TALENTED lady!!!  Her prices are INSANELY reasonable!

I had custom ordered banners and avatars for all the major holidays, vacation, and when I'm at craft shows.  I wouldn't shop anywhere else!!!

All of the samples, and many more, are available for viewing on her website.

Anne has quite a few different "packages" and you're guaranteed to find the best one for your shop's needs.  Follow her on Twitter to hear about new listings, specials, and promotions.

Monday, January 10, 2011

VaBeachQuilter DeStash

VaBeachQuilter DeStash  is the featured shop this week.

I have a 150+ different fabrics and other destash items listed.  It's a great place to get quality fabrics at a reduced price.  Most of the fabrics retail at $9 - $11 a yard, but I have them listed at $8 a yard. 

If you're looking for something specific, let me know.  I have tons of fabric that I haven't had a chance to list yet.   

My shipping charges are EXACT.  Most of the fabric's shipping might seem a little "high" but once I print your shipping label (or gone to the post office, if it's an international order), I IMMEDIATELY  REFUND any over-charge in the shipping costs.  How many shops do you know that do THAT???    Not too many, we bet.

All fabric is available in smaller cuts, if desired.  The prices will be adjusted accordingly and a private listing will be set for you.

Follow me on Facebook fan page, and Twitter to be among the first to know when new fabric and supplies have been listed.

January's blog giveaway prize is posted, in the upper-left hand corner.   Just leave a comment to enter the giveaway... Psst... you can enter as many times as you want.

The past few winners have entered multiple times and had their chances increased each time and it seems to have paid off for them.  :o)

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Chichi Chick


This week's featured shop is Chichi Chick (pronounced "she-she").  It's a fabulous shop!  It's THE place to find all your hair accessory needs.

There are numerous on-going sales in this shop.  The first is the 12 days of Christmas sale.  It started on December 1st.  Every day there is a different type of sale in the, make sure to check back daily for the latest bargain!

In the right column, of the shop, is a coupon for an extra sale.  On the shop's Artfire blog is ANOTHER sale!

With all these wondeful sales, you're BOUND to find one thing (and I bet even MORE) for yourself, gifts, and stocking stuffers!

Lots of decorative hair accessories:  bobby pins, headbands, ponytail holders, flower clips and fascinators and more!  There are rings and shoe clips, too!

Oh, and checkout out the Gifts Under $5 category!!!

Follow Chichi Chick on Twitter and like her Facebook page and be among the first to know about new listings, sales, giveaways, and promotions.

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Nacyanne Quilt Works

You can't help but ooh and ahh, as soon as, you enter the "Nacyanne Quilt Works" shop.  You'll find yourself smiling while you look at one beautiful piece after another.

Nacyanne's carries more than just lap and baby quilts though.  There is a gorgeous selection of table toppers, mini quilts that can double as "mug rugs", and beautiful cell phone cases.

I forgot to include one of the cellphone cases in the collages, so here's one a pic of one:

Almost every other item ships FREE, too!

Make sure that you "like" Nacyanne's on Facebook and follow on Twitter.  Then you'll always be among the first to see the newest beautiful item listed and to learn about any upcoming sales/promotions.  Visit her blog to catch a glimpse into the life of a quilter.

Saturday, January 1, 2011

And The Winner Is.....

This winner of December's giveaway has been chosen.   

Miss Val's Creation's won this cute, cute Woof novelty pillowcase. 

Congrats to Miss Val's Creations!!!

Stop by her shop, too, she has some really amazing handcrafted jewelry.

January's prize is now posted in the upper-left hand corner.  Just leave a comment to enter giveaway.  Leave as many comments as you want.