Friday, January 14, 2011

My Helping Hands

Many of you are probably familiar with Anne, owner of the "Made by Oaklie" shops on Artfire, and Etsy.

She also has the "My Helping Hands" shops on Artfire, Made it Myself, and her own website.

She creates custom ordered banners, avatars, single pic ads, revolving ads and so much more!!!

Anne created my avatar, my shop banners, and even my revolving ad (at the top of my blog)!  She is one TALENTED lady!!!  Her prices are INSANELY reasonable!

I had custom ordered banners and avatars for all the major holidays, vacation, and when I'm at craft shows.  I wouldn't shop anywhere else!!!

All of the samples, and many more, are available for viewing on her website.

Anne has quite a few different "packages" and you're guaranteed to find the best one for your shop's needs.  Follow her on Twitter to hear about new listings, specials, and promotions.