Sunday, May 30, 2010

Memorial Day Sale!!!

I'm having a Memorial Day sale, today through tomorrow midnight, in my Etsy and Artfire shops!

15% off of orders over $15

Remember that I have ALWAYS have FREE shipping on EVERYTHING in my shops!

Use coupon:  MEMORIAL in my Artfire shop.  Just under 600 items listed in that shop!!!

No coupon needed for my Etsy shop.  Just over 100 items listed in that shop.

Friday, May 28, 2010

Krafty Max

The "Krafty Max" shop is a fun shop to browse through!

There are so many categories, in this shop, and each one is better than the last!  A majority of the items involve some sort of beadwork and EXQUISITE beadwork at that!

Just a few of the sections in the shop are:

necklaces     ~ handwoven bracelets     ~ watches     ~ pill fobs  

~   stitch markers     ~ bookmarks     ~  klasp helpers

There are a number of other places to find Krafty Max, so that you're among the first to know about upcoming sales, promotions, new listings, etc.

Follow their Facebook Fan Page .  Follow their wonderful Blog .  Finally, follow them on Twitter.

Their s a sale through the end of this month!  30% off of all purchases over $30.  Use coupon:  May Sale at time of checkout. 

What are you waiting for...head on over and start filling your cart!  I know that I am!!!

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Mad Moravian

Scott owns the "Mad Moravian" Artfire shop.  We don't think Scott has YET told us how he came up with such a uniquely named shop!  (ahem...hint, hint...Scott!).  Wouldn't you like to know?

Scott creates and sells the most beautiful wooden, stainglass, and chainmaille items around!  His pens are functional, as well as, stylish!

Don't even get us STARTED on his stainglass!  One word, alone, couldn't do them justice!  Here are just a few that come to mind:  STUNNING, EXQUISITE, AMAZING, GORGEOUS, and INCREDIBLE!  Tell us what words you think would apply!

To see more of his stainglass items, make sure to visit his shop's gallery!  In his gallery you'll see his woodwork and where do we start THERE???  The king-sized cherry bed that he made?  Or the tables?  How about the bookshelf?  You just have to see them for yourself!

Scott also has a large selection of wooden bottle stoppers!  The grains in the wood...the variety of shapes...the selection of colors....they'are all AMAZING!

I haven't even touched on the chainmaille jewelry and glass charms that Scott also creates!  It's refreshing to see chainmaille made with a man's perspective!  We just LOVE the hat band!  How awesome it that?

You can follow Scott's blog where you can easily see his more recent tweets, shops that he's featured, post about new listings, and posts about his everyday life.

You can follow Scott on Twitter.  and be among the first "in the know" about his specials, sales, promotions, etc.

For Father's Day, Scott has EVERYTHING in his shop on sale! No coupon GREAT is that? Sale ends June, head on over there now and start shopping! We know that we are...

Custom orders are always welcomed, so contact Scott to have a one-of-a-kind item made especially for you!

Monday, May 24, 2010

Beans Things

"Beans Things" is one of my favoriate Artfire shops around!  The owner, Jeanna, has a large selection of magnets, necklaces, earrings, rings, and juice pouches in her shop.

I've been one of her Facebook fans for a long time now and am always delighted to be among the first to see her newest creations.  Jeanna has giveaways and specials, quite often, for her fans.  I was lucky to be one such winning fan last week!  I won these super CUTE fish magnets!

I purchased a couple of gifts (for Christmas last year) and even treated myself to one of her necklaces...which I love!  Everyone that received gifts from her shop have just raved about them and I'm always keeping an eye out for something to give this year.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

MeMe Bev's Creations

Meme owns the self-named Artfire shop "MeMe Bev Creations".

Meme sells a large selection of sewn items...stuffed animals, pillowcases, handbags, Barbie clothes, and much more!

I'm focusing on her stuffed animals and creatures.  I just fell in love with them all!  I had a couple of bunnies, similar in style to the ones that she sells, many years ago.  Even though I no longer have them, they still have a special place in my heart!

Meme's creatures are created with top notch sewing skills.  The eyes and noses are embroidered which makes them great gifts for toddlers and children.  No loose parts to worry about.

Giraffes, bunnies, teddy bears, dogs, elephants, and silly creatures are in her stuffed animal selection.

You should visit MeMe's shop and see everything else that I didn't get to share with you; it will be well worth your "trip".  :o)

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Kizz Designs

Crystal owns the "Kizz Designs" jewelry shop on Etsy.

I'm glad to call Crystal one of my online friends that I met over a year ago when I started selling online.

Crystal calls her jewelry "art" and you know what?  They really ARE works of art!!!  She combines metal, beads, and gemstones to create her unique, one-of-a-kind, jewelry.

To sweeten the pot even more, Crystal offers free shipping!  How sweet is that???

Crystal has a great blog that I really enjoy reading and would recommend that you stop by and see it for yourself.

She also has a Facebook fan page and when you follow it, you'll be among the first to see the newest items to be listed and to hear of any sales, promotions, etc. that might be coming up.

You can also follow Crystal on Twitter and see tweets about new listings, sales, etc.

Why are you still here?  Hop on over to Crystal's shop and see more of her wonderful works of ART!

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Love Links Jewelry

Elizabeth owns the "Love Links Jewelry" Artfire shop.

Her speciality is beaded bracelets and necklaces.  She uses the finest quality supplies when crafting her jewelry...sterling silver, sterling silver beads, antique silver, and Bali beads.  You have your choice of sterling clasp, too.

Elizabeth's bracelets are strung with very, strong and flexible, professional beading wire (49 strand).

This is a great shop to pick up a beautiful piece of jewelry for yourself or as a gift.  It's never to early to start thinking of the women on your holiday shopping list or to keep in mind for birthdays and anniversaries.

There is, almost, always a fantastic sale going on so hop on over and see what the latest sale is and start shopping!

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Ellie Rose Creations

John and Nita own the "Ellie Rose Creations" shop on Etsy.

Their speciality is a variety of floral head/hair accessories.  They sell:

floral collections

If you're like me, you might be wondering what a "fascinator" is...I had to google the defintition because even looking at the items listed I couldn't figure out the difference between a fascinator and a headdress.  LOL 

A fascinator is:  an extravagant accesesory adorning head/hair and is a popular alternative to hats for formal occasions.

Whew!  Either way, EVERYTHING in this shop is decadent and stunning!

This wonderful shop is the perfect place for brides-to-be to find their hair accessories not only for themn but for their brides maids, too.  Looking for that extra special "something" to go with a prom dress or a dress for some other special occasion, I bet you can find it in this shop!

John and Nita welcome special orders, so feel free to contact them if you don't see exactly what you want. 

You can also follow them on Twitter.

Monday, May 17, 2010

The Foto Fairy

Tara owns "The Foto Fairy" Etsy photography shop.

Her speciality is photographing the beauty in every day life.  The subjects cross a broad spectrum from flowers to seascape to motorcyles and so much more!

Tara has a Facebook Fan page that is great and let's you be among the first to know what's going on in her shop.

All of Tara's photos are signed and can be framed for an additional fee.  Custom work is always welcome!  So, hop on over and see everything else that is available in her shop!

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Stuffed Silly

OMGWHERE do I start???

Lisa owns the "Stuffed Silly" collectible plushie shop on Etsy.

These are the CUTEST stuffed creatures and animals around!!!  All the plushies are handmade with the highest quality materials.

As you know, I'm a sewer (though stuffed critters are NOT my speciality) and I can tell you that these plushies are high quality creations made with lots of love and tender care!

They are made in a smoke-free, pet-friendly environment.  Lisa designed all of the critters and continues to work on more.  She welcomes custom orders, so drop her a line if you fancy something different.

I normally only post 4 items from a shop but I just couldn't help myself and added an extra 2.  That MONKEY is just too CUTE!  There are 6 different bunnies listed among other critters.

Friday, May 14, 2010

Banannie B

The "Banannie B" is a great Etsy shop!!!

It's speciality is crazy pajamas...yep, you read it right!  CRAZY PJ's!!!  How cool is that?

PJs are available for children, women, and men and come in all sizes!  The pjs are comprised of a v-neck, short-sleeved shirt and either shorts or capris.

A new section of the shop is now opened...Quick Custom Order.  In this section are listings that have 4 fabrics shown.  Once you've choseen the colors/fabrics that you like go ahead and checkout.  Put "in notes to seller" the sex, size, and whether you want shorts or capris.

Custom orders are welcomed.

A great place to get the kiddies pjs or a pair for yourself!  How about getting some for birthday or Christmas gifts?

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Jewelry by Sherry

Sherry owns the self-named shop, "Jewelry by Sherry". 

She has a gorgeous selection of necklaces, earrings, bracelets, and bridal jewelry available.

Sherry's offering FREE shipping right now on all orders over $10.  Use coupon:  FREESHIPPING10 at time of checkout.

You can follow her on Facebook and be among the first in the know when there are sales or new listings!

So, hop on over and start your shopping...AWESOME prices and FREE shipping?  Why are you still here?  :o)

Monday, May 10, 2010

Pink Tiger Textiles

Anna owns the wonderful hand-embroidery and illustration speciality Etsy shop "Pink Tiger Textiles".

She creates embroidery wallhangings...owls, cats, flamingos, and more.  She even has a "Hey Diddle Diddle" series of embroidered decorations that are super, super cute!

Anna also has framed black and white drawings of deer, lions, cats, and owls.

She even sells the cutest fabric covered ponytail holders, too!!!

Custom orders are always welcomed and Anna will work with you to design and create the perfect item for you!

Follow Pink Tiger Textiles on Facebook to be among the first to know about upcoming sales and new listings!

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Jennifer White Designs

The "Jennifer White Designs" Artfire shop has a large variety of beautifully crocheted items...scarves, hats, afghans, gloves, handbags & purses, piggy banks, wraps, and MUCH more!
Jennifer is very versatile artisan...she also creates jewelry and magnets.  I had the best time perusing this shop and had a little trouble picking and choosing 4 pics to share with you.

You can find Jennifer on Facebook and she has a great blog, too!

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Mindy's Whimseys

Mindy owns the self-named Etsy shop:  "Mindy's Whimseys".

Mindy sells hand-sewn items:  aprons and pincushions.  She also sells beaded jewelry:  bracelets and necklaces.

She offers FREE can't beat that!

You can also follow Mindy's wonderful shop on Facebook and be among the first in the know when there are new items listed, sales, or other noteworthy events.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Kaotic Krafter

Tina owns the wonderfully eclectic (and in her words "chaotic")  "Kaotic Krafter" shop.

Her speciality is upcycling, recycling and repurposing as many items as she can.  She has recently learned crocheting and makes the CUTEST hats.

Tina offers a large variety of items in her shop:

~  fabric and felted flowers          ~ bags and purses

~ brag books                              ~ notebooks, journals, and datebooks

~ clothing                                   ~ cards

~ homemade paper                     ~ and Emma's Creatures

Her "Emma's Creatures" are wild and crazy creatures designed by her 4 year old daughter, Emma.  With the help of mom and made with upcycled/recycled materials, the creatures are brought to life.  Emma gives each and every creature a playful test run to make sure that they're perfect!  All of the proceeds of go directly to Emma.

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Woolly Blue Yonder

The "Woolly Blue Yonder" is a great shop that specializes in upcycling, recycling, and repurposing wool materials...mainly sweaters and cardigans.  When accent wool is needed, 100% wool, hand-felted is used.

This shop sells baby booties, "Softies", and lip balm/lipstick holders.  What are "Softies" you ask?  They're the cutest wool pillow characters in a number of shapes.  A fun and great way to teach your little ones their shapes and facial features.

It'd be great if you could show this shop some love and see the other goodies that are offered there!  Never to late to start thinking of your gift list (be it:  birthday, anniversary, holidays, or seasonal)!