Saturday, May 22, 2010

Kizz Designs

Crystal owns the "Kizz Designs" jewelry shop on Etsy.

I'm glad to call Crystal one of my online friends that I met over a year ago when I started selling online.

Crystal calls her jewelry "art" and you know what?  They really ARE works of art!!!  She combines metal, beads, and gemstones to create her unique, one-of-a-kind, jewelry.

To sweeten the pot even more, Crystal offers free shipping!  How sweet is that???

Crystal has a great blog that I really enjoy reading and would recommend that you stop by and see it for yourself.

She also has a Facebook fan page and when you follow it, you'll be among the first to see the newest items to be listed and to hear of any sales, promotions, etc. that might be coming up.

You can also follow Crystal on Twitter and see tweets about new listings, sales, etc.

Why are you still here?  Hop on over to Crystal's shop and see more of her wonderful works of ART!