Sunday, May 23, 2010

MeMe Bev's Creations

Meme owns the self-named Artfire shop "MeMe Bev Creations".

Meme sells a large selection of sewn items...stuffed animals, pillowcases, handbags, Barbie clothes, and much more!

I'm focusing on her stuffed animals and creatures.  I just fell in love with them all!  I had a couple of bunnies, similar in style to the ones that she sells, many years ago.  Even though I no longer have them, they still have a special place in my heart!

Meme's creatures are created with top notch sewing skills.  The eyes and noses are embroidered which makes them great gifts for toddlers and children.  No loose parts to worry about.

Giraffes, bunnies, teddy bears, dogs, elephants, and silly creatures are in her stuffed animal selection.

You should visit MeMe's shop and see everything else that I didn't get to share with you; it will be well worth your "trip".  :o)