Monday, May 25, 2009

Let's Honor The Day

While we're all busy today: hosting/attending bbq's, enjoying the day spent with family and friends relaxing, please remember to HONOR the day.

Take a brief moment to reflect on the gravity of the day. So, many men and women in the armed forces have given their lives; are fighting for their lives; are fighting/fought for our freedom for over 200 years.

I live in an area of the country that has (an easy) half dozen military bases (the nearest 15 min. and the furthest 45 min.) close to my home. We respect, honor, and are proud of our military EVERY day.

But even we (if you're not military) sometimes need to reflect on the sacrifices our men and women have made. Their families have sacrificed. Wives/husbands who have lost their spouses or have spouses currently deployed. Children who lost a parent or live with the worry DAILY of a parent deployed.

So, please take just a brief moment to reflect on the men and women of the past, and of the ones, currently fighting for our country. No matter what your views are on the wars, they are still fighting for OUR freedom!