Tuesday, August 25, 2009

"Share Your Flair" Award

I received a surprising, and delightful, email the other day from Nina (owner of the "NinasCD" shop on Artfire). She had given me the "Share Your Flair" award.

Now my mission is to share 3 more things about myself and choose 3 blogs that share and promote others. Okay...3 more things about myself??? I mean come on...I'm sorry, but even I don't find myself THAT interesting! ROFL

Ummmm....let me think for a minute (can you smell the smoke? It's okay, I have water handy...)

1. I LOVE to read. I don't get to do it, as much as I use to, once I started my online shops but it is my second passion. I predominately read fantasy. Now NOT romance fantasy BUT Sci-Fi fantasy. Robert Jordan, Terry Goodkind, Terry Brooks to name a few.

Now I do like Frank Herbert and Orson Scott Card, but they lean more towards the sci-fi end of the spectrum. I am NOT a fan of Asimov but I do like most movies that have been adapted from his books.

Most of my books are in the 500-900 page range, with 5-10 books in a series, and I've read them all at least 3 times.

I do like mystery novels (Jonathon Kellerman, Faye Kellerman, and James Patterson again to name a few) when I have nothing else to read.

2. I do Sudoku. That's my relax (for a few minutes) and stress releaser. I got hooked when my youngest son was in 2nd grade and they had some to do over Xmas break. I've made my way up to the 2nd Degree Blackbelt books. They take me awhile to complete sometimes (and I don't cheat LOL) but it's a great way to relax after planning, cutting, and sewing all day.

3. I've become a rabid NBA fan. It took my husband YEARS but he's converted me. I've been actually ticked for the past year because Verizon doesn't have the NBA Pass and I lost that once we left Direct TV. Since I "started" so late, I'm more of a "player's" fan and not entirely a "team" fan.

I do follow the Miami Heat, Los Angeles Lakers, Phoenix Suns, and now Cleveland Cavaliers. Why? I LOVE D-Wade (MH); Derrick Fisher & Luke Walton (LAL); Steve Nash, the only one left now (PS); and Shaq and Lebron (CC). My best Christmas gift ever??? It's a GAME WORN (AND AUTOGRAPHED) DWAYNE WADE JERSEY from my husband. He even had it mounted and framed with museum quality glass.

Okay...that was 3 more exciting things about "me". I just continue to expand on my geekiness, I know. LOL LOL

Now my 3 blog picks....drum roll, please....

1. Shops With Less Than (10) Sales ~ Artfire Guild ~ Okay, now this is a cheater for a couple of reasons...1) Tracy (of Braggin' Rights) gave the "Share Your Flare" award to the GUILD blog already; 2) I'm the guild master and I run the blog. But I'm giving it again because even though I manage the blog, it really is an entire GROUP effort. The blog wouldn't be anything without all of our members participation, support, and promotion. So, I'm also awarding it to the ENTIRE guild. (Psst...that guild's acceptance blog will be posted on Saturday, due to the nature of the blog's schedule).

2. Timothy Adam Designs ~ Has a weekly "Etsy Top 10" shops and showcases a variety of handmade items and artisan shops.

3. Selvage Blog ~ Showcases the, unique and creative, things that fellow crafters make using selvages. (For those that don't use fabric in your crafting...selvages are the ends of the fabric that have the name, company, and color codes printed onto them.)

Okay...there are my 3 blogs. They are really wonderful blogs that showcase handmade crafts, artisans, and shops. Please show your support and stop by and give them a "read".

Again, thanks Nina for this honor. I am a firm believer in "karma" and helping to promote/showcase fellow artisans has been my mission since day one.