Friday, August 7, 2009

Look, Look at What I've Bought Now!!!!

OMG! You just have to see the cutest things that I've bought now...

Oh, I'm in Xmas mode and have begun shopping (mainly stocking stuffers for the kids, right now).

Okay, I had "Positive Propaganda" on Artfire super-impose, my son, Brandon's picture onto a monkey's body and add the words "Monkey Boy" (our nickname for him) and it's been made into a key chain. I also purchased a lot of other magnets (mainly for work) from them, too.

Check out the shop and all the great buttons and more!

My other purchase was for myself...BOTH of them! I've been eyeing both of these Amigurumi hedgehogs for weeks now....finally gave in and decided to treat myself! LOL

I purchased them from Sandy who owns "Rosetree Creations". Go and see her other great items!!!

And then I purchased a variety of buttons from an Etsy shop, "Barrel of Monkeys". They have a really good deal going on for purchased sets (you can mix and match).

Can you guess which is for my 19 yr old and which is for my 15 yr old daughter?