Sunday, August 30, 2009

I Have More Great Xmas Purchases To Share!

I've found some more great stocking stuffers and smaller gifts for this Christmas. I'm well on my way to meeting my "buy handmade" goal for this year. Of course, everything can't be handmade but I'm getting as much as I possibly can.

1. I found the BEAUTIFUL necklace and owl magnets from a wonderful Artfire shop..."Beans Things" owned by Jeanna. The necklace is a nice little treat, for me, as a stocking stuffer. One of my grandmothers loves birds, especially owls, so those are a little extra something for her.

2. The AMAZING crocheted cupcake ornaments and cupcake keychain were purchased from Lu. She owns the "Crocheted Little Things" shop on Artfire. I'm keeping 2 of the cupcakes, again, for my stocking and 2 will be tie-ons for gifts for my mother. I haven't decided, yet, who's getting the keychain but it was just TOO cute to pass up!

Both of these shops have a large selection of unique and wonderful items. You should stop by and check out what they have to offer! Even get an early start on your Xmas shopping (like me).