Thursday, August 20, 2009

Some More of My Xmas Purchases...

I've purchase a bunch more stuff...again, most are stocking stuffers but a couple aren't. I'll also give you a list of the shops, so that you can go see the rest of their fabulous stuff for yourself!

1. My Magic Me ~ Is going to take a picture of my oldest son and turn him into a zombie. I'll then have it printed and framed (locally). He's going to flip over this!

2. Dreamy 1 ~ I purchased the Monkey and Pig bars of soaps. The monkey for my 13 yr old's stocking and the pig for the girl (11 yrs old) next door for her bday (in Dec). I also purchased a few more bath items.

3. Penniewise ~ Okay, if you're familiar with Stephen King (at all!) then the name of this shop should give you a "head's up" to it's type of products. :) I purchased the Rob Zombie pendant (and a Marilyn Manson, though not shown) pendant for my oldest son. I also purchased the Twilight pendant for my daughter. All stocking stuffers.

4. SerendipityLicious ~ The pink earrings (for the girl next door's bday) and the purple ring (for my daughter's stocking). I'm seriously considering purchasing some things for my own stocking, too!

5. The Monkey Shop ~ This is a gift. for my 13 yr old son, for Xmas. He LOVES all things "monkey". LOL

6. Debby Arem (a.k.a. Three Ring Circuits) ~ I purchased 2 bookmarks (one for my dad) (and my oldest son's stocking); the circuit board keychain (for my older son's stocking); a mini circuit clipboard (again for my older son's stocking).

Well, those are my most recent purchases and these are all really great shops. I'm doing pretty well with my "buy handmade Xmas" vow. I know I won't be able to get a lot of things handmade but I'm going to try my best though!