Saturday, August 15, 2009

I've Was "Tagged" & Received the "Premio Meme Award"

I was "Tagged" and given the "Premio Meme Award" by Crystal, of Kizz Designs.

So, what does that really mean?

The short of it : I have to tell you 10 things about myself and pick 17 different blogs to pass the awards on to. Yep...that's right...17!!! LOL LOL

I'm very flattered that Crystal chose to pass the awards on to me. Crystal creates beautiful jewelry; is very supportive of other handmade shops; and is just FUN to read her blogs & tweets. One thing she didn't reveal (or I missed it, but I don't think I did) was the way the name of her shop, "Kizz Designs", came to be. Hmmmm, maybe you could answer that Crystal. :)

Well...onto the dreaded part...I HATE talking about myself. LOL

1. My name is Kimberly Sandra Croteau-Brinsfield. Apparently, (in the early '70s) Kimberly wasn't a common name at the time. Sandra for my grandmother (on my mother's side) and my aunt (on my dad's side). The hyphenated last name?

Well, I was stupid (choosing the name, not having my son...LOL) when I had my first son (from my first marriage), at 19, and thought it would be just GREAT to hyphenate his last name. Yeah, right! See how long that sucker is and his 2nd part is McDaniel. Anyhoo, 2nd marriage and years later I had two more sons. So, to keep some unity, with the names, I hyphenated mine and the younger boys. Let's just say, my husband is NOT a fan of mine during the tax season. ROFL

2. People that know me (from back in the day) are SHOCKED when they find out that quilting, sewing, hand-work, etc. are my PASSIONS in life. Psst...I FAILED sewing in high school. Only passed home ec because I aced the cooking half of the quarter! ROFL

3. I have pets...okay...that's probably the UNDERSTATEMENT of the century! (Well, I don't rival Crystal's 400 calves and 1200 cattle.) *deep breath*

3 cats (one named Moda for all you fabriholics out there); 2 beagles; 2 Norwegian rats; 2 Lovebirds; a dwarf Russian hamster; a gerbil; and....6 ferrets. Okay, YES, 6 ferrets...but on MY BEHALF there are REASONS to the number...I got 2 for my bday in 2008. By Aug. 2008 there was one lonely little ferret, at the pet shop, and she had been there for weeks...I just HAD to take her home. Jan. 2009, one of my husband's clients needed someone to adopt her 3 ferrets. Now...the last 3 were HIS fault...HE told her that I had ferrets! That's just opening Pandora's box! LOL I should've played the lottery because, by some stroke of luck, ALL 6 are female (already spayed when you buy them, FYI).

Now to be honest, ALL of the pets are MINE (except for the dogs...I call them dumb and dumber even though their names are Skip and Junior). No, we didn't name Junior...he was adopted through the SPCA and we kept his name. "Santa" brought Skip, not long after the movie "My Dog Skip" came out and our son, Brandon was 5 and begging for a dog like Skip.

4. I was a cross-stitcher before I got into quilting. I only started quilting because I wanted to incorporate my stitching into quilts. Needless to say, THAT never happened. Started quilting and I was HOOKED.

5. I'm a self-taught quilter and been doing it for 10 years or so. I've been teaching, the occasional class, for about 5 years.

6. As previously mentioned, I'm married to a wonderful and supportive husband. He'd have to be with all of the pets in the house and the fact that I sew 8-10 hours a day. So, of course, housework is NOT a priority with me. ROFL Between us, we have 4 children. My older son, who's 19; my step-daughter, who just turned 15; and our two sons together (11 & 13).

7. I'm a self-proclaimed geek...not a NERD mind you (though my husband feels I'm both). I LOVE Star Trek (though not a die-hard costumes or Comicon trips for me!); Battlestar Galactica; Sci-Fi channel; fantasy novels (NOT romance - towards the Sci-Fi end of the spectrum). I just love to read in bookshelves are triple stacked and I've read every book at least 3 times.

8. I think the name, of my shops, is pretty self-explanatory...I LIVE in Virginia Beach, VA and I'm a quilter. Thus, VaBeachQuilter. Nothing to strain the brain there. :)

9. I've met many new friends, online, since I've started my venture (in January). I even talk with a couple on the phone. Now my husband doesn't get that but I'm sure there are some of you out there that get it. LOL

10. And you know, quilting is my passion and it's taking over the house. I have my sewing room...stuffed to the rafters...I have 2 other closets, and one wall of my bedroom. My husband will soon have the garage completely converted and I'll be able to move everything out there. It's MUCH bigger and has plenty of room for my stash AND inventory!

Now, a disclaimer for those of you who are sewing room and every place I have fabric, and stock, are COMPLETELY pet-free. Being OCD does come in handy at times. :) I have to pick my favorite 17 blogs. I can't "tag" Crystal back but it's going to be a bonus because she really is great to follow. Kizz...Day to Day...

*drum roll please*
1. Tracy (Braggin' Rights) ~ Uses For Stuff
2. Anne (Made for Me by Oaklie) ~ Made for Me by Oaklie
3. Katie (Polka Dots) ~ Go Ask Katie
4. Amy (Fiber Cycle) ~ Fiber Cycle Musings
5. Sisi (Peacefully Folding) ~ Handmade Giveaways
6. Sandy (Rosetree Creations) ~ Rosetree Creations
7. Luisa (Crocheted Little Things) ~ Crocheted Little Things
8. Nancy (Nfall2art) ~ Nfall2art
9. Nifty Knits ~ Nifty Knits...
10. Spearmint Baby ~ Spearmint Baby
11. Susan (Jewelry by Fyfe) ~ Yakity Yak...
12. Christy (Sweet Tidings) ~ Sweet Tidings
13. My Sweet Greens ~ Sweet Greens
14. Selvage Quilter ~ Selvage Blog
15. Kathi (kathip22) ~ Kathie's Kreations
16. Angela (Angelmaz) ~ A Special Touch
17. New England Quilter ~ New England Quilter

Whew! That was both FUN and EXHAUSTING! Now I get to have fun and see the 17 blogs these wonderful people pick! :)

By accepting these awards, each blogger has to post 10 things about themselves and choose 17 blogs that are worthy of reading and following! It's daunting but well worth the time and effort!!!

Thanks again for the honors, Crystal! {{{HUGS}}}