Thursday, September 30, 2010

My Newest Handmade Purchases's that time again....I wanted to share with you my most recent handmade purchases and the wonderful shops that I got them from. 

For those of you that follow my posts, you'll see some repeat shops...I just can't stay away!  But there are a couple of wonderful new ones.

My first shop is the Supply Owl on Etsy.  I started stocking up on tags for my packages and note cards for the Virginia Beach Christmas Market show in November.  I'll be using the mini notecards for customers with larger purchases...I'll probably put some sort of future discount on them; though I haven't quite decided what yet.

The next stop is the Haunted Willow, primitive shop, on Artfire.  There are so many amazing things in this shop.  I bought a couple of the "oops" soaps (listed at a discounted price).  Let me tell you...there is NOTHING wrong with the oops soaps and they look perfectly fine to me (and I'm a perfectionist).  That just goes to show you the kind of quality control that is used in this shop!

And yes, AGAIN, I have "hit", The Monkey Shop, on Etsy.  I just can't STAY away!  I had this kitty custom made for my youngest son and the monkey blankee was on sale...I just couldn't pass it up!  Thinking of setting it on a shelf in my sewing's a gorgeous purple and just too stinkin' CUTE!

I also purchased a bunch of mini notecards at the ArtbySunfire, paper shop, on Artfire.  I'll also be using these for orders and for November's show.  I just love this shop and will be back!

And last, but NOT least, is the My Helping Hands shop, on Artfire.  I have ALL of my banners and avatars made in this shop...I wouldn't dream of going anywhere else!  In my last handmade post, I shared with you the vacation and sale banners that I had custom made for me.

Now that I've opened up my Destash shops on Etsy and Artfire, I needed to have my avatars and banners "tweaked".  So, Anne added the cute little bees to them.  Aren't they cute?

Then I ordered my banner and avatar for the holiday season.  I'll probably put them up closer to the end of October.  Aren't they also great?  You can't beat Anne's prices and she's WONDERFUL to work with!

So, why not show these shops some blogger love and do some of your own handmade shopping?  Let me know what you've bought from these shops....just love them all and love to hear what others purchased.