Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Stone Horse Designs

If you're looking for a unique, and beautiful, piece of jewelry for a gift or for yourself, then you want to visit the Stone Horse Designs Artfire jewelry shop.

A passion for horses is shown in the horse jewelry section of the shop.  All of the pendants have been hand-carved by the shop's owner or by other fellow artisans.

There is a large selection of beautifully crafted bracelets, earrings, and necklaces.

I had such a great time browsing through this shop!  I even found a few items that I added to my hotlist for possible Xmas gifts this year.

If you like to wear ear cuffs (you know...the jewelry that attaches to the outer, upper, part of your ear) then you really need to see the selection available in this shop.  LOVE it!

So, let's show this wonderful shop some blogger love and hop on over for a visit!  Share the love, if you have a sec, and click one (or more) of the share buttons for this post....let's see if we can get more exposure for this little known shop!