Friday, October 1, 2010

And The Winner Is.....

The winner has been chosen for September's blog giveaway.  September's winner is....drum roll, please....

Natural Jewelry Design!!!  Congrats to her!

She won one of my Standard Shopping Cart Coupon Organizers (yep...they actually ATTACH to the shopping cart, leaving your hands free for shopping!)

She has a wonderful shop on Artfire and Etsy.  You can also "like" her on Facebook and follow her on Twitter.  I stopped by and read a bit of her blog and high recommend that you check it out, too.

This month's prize is posted in the upper, left-hand, corner and I thought it was PERFECT for November (when it's winner will be announced and it's shipped to its new home).  :o)    There are various ways to enter, and most of the winners are people that have entered numerous times.