Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Kottage Kreations

Laurie owns the "Kottage Kreations" jewelry shop on Artfire.  She sells beautifully crafted pieces.

Laurie offers a LIFE-TIME guarantee on all of her jewelry!  How awesome is that???  If you have an item that ever needs to be repaired, she will repair it free of charge.  That is unheard of and what an amazing shop!

Laurie belongs to the Ajdjss Guild and for the month of October, 10% off all her proceeds go towards the guild's "Breast Cancer and Domestic Violence" fund raiser.  So, not only do you get a beautiful piece of jewelry, with an amazing warranty, but you're doing some good as well.  It can't get any better than that!

Follow Laurie on Twitter and Facebook to be among the first to know of new listings, sales, promotions, etc.

She also has a great starter blog and would love to have  more followers...and I know you're all such great bloggers, you'll show her some blogger love and follow her page!