Saturday, October 2, 2010

Charmed Design 1012

Is it any surprise that the "Charmed Design 1012" shop, on Artfire, sells charm bracelets???

There are pages and pages of wonderful bracelets listed in this shop.  All colors and a wide variety of charms, too.

Bracelets can be customized by size, length, color, theme, charm, etc. just contact the shop with your details.

I had a really fun time trying to pick and choose which bracelets to share with you.  It was actually quite difficult.  If I shared only my favs, you'd be looking at lots of blue bracelets with hearts.  LOL LOL

So, I tried to pick a variety.  It looks like a lot of bracelets are made extra long, so that they can be wrapped around the wrist multiple times or to double as a necklace.  How cool is that?

This is a great shop to start your holiday shopping...I know that I've hotlisted an item, or two, for possible Xmas or birthday gifts!