Thursday, September 3, 2009

More Show and Tell...

Today's show and tell isn't more Xmas purchases (though, those are to come...LOL) but I had the good fortune to win 2 giveaways this past week!!!

Me? I NEVER win anything...looks like the tide's have turned. LOL

My first prizes were my choice, up to $15, from Kelly's shop "Beans Boutique".

I choose 2 cellphone charms (a purple flower and a moon) and a bookmark that says "Believe" on it.

My second prize was anything, up to $20, from Alicia's shop "DesignGirl16".

Her shop specializes in party and holiday favors, cards, decorations, etc. She's going to be adding a lot of Xmas stuff soon, so I'm waiting before making my decision.

But I've picked some pics from her wonderful shop, just so that you can see some of the things that she has to offer.