Saturday, September 19, 2009

A Handmade Christmas

I've been a crafter for half of my life now...I started out cross-stitching and, about ten years ago, transitioned to quilting and general sewing.

The gifts that I have always cherished most were the ones that were handmade. From ornaments to a tree skirt that my mother made (by latch hook and the ONLY thing that she has EVER made), they are all important to me.

Why? If you're a crafter, you already know the answer. If not, I'll go ahead and share with you...each and everything that a crafter makes, they put a piece of themselves into. They're passion, creativity, imagination are just a few of the things that go into handmade items.

So, when I made the leap and chose to start selling online, in January, I was exposed to an entire new world of crafters. Before I was surrounded only by my fellow quilters. Now, I'm friends with knitters, crocheters, sculptures, painters, photographers and so many more genres of crafts.

We all have the same things in common...our desire to share our passions with others. I took the pledge to "buy handmade" this year. Why? For a couple of reasons...1) I'm tired of feeding the corporate giants; 2) I want my children to see that you don't have to have all video games to have a good Christmas; and 3) simply because HANDMADE IS BETTER!

Of course, with everyone on my list (including my 4 children) and entirely handmade Christmas is not possible but I intend to do as much as I possibly can!

Over the past month, or two, I've shared with you my many handmade purchases. I now have all of my stocking stuffers completed. Again, not 100% handmade but probably close to 50%. I have one of my sons completely finished and only 2 gifts were commercially purchased (and one of those is a gift card).

Can you think of a better way, to do your part, to jump start our economy than by having a handmade Christmas??? Don't feed the corporate giants...there are hundreds and hundreds of wonderfully talented artisans on Artfire, Etsy, Zibbet, and more. Many have amazing deals every day of the week.

Will you take the pledge and join me for a handmade Christmas?