Tuesday, December 15, 2009

My Prizes From Nauli's First Blog Giveaway!!!

I received my prizes, from Nauli's first blog giveaway, yesterday!!!

Oh wow!  I'm always excited to win but this time I wasn't quite sure what I won...so, it was even MORE of a surprise than usual.  Eva, owner of the Nauli  papershop on Etsy, has sent some wonderful goodies:

The first thing that I unwrapped was the cutest red stocking...what a great accent for my Xmas decor.  All of my animals have stockings except my 6 furries (ferrets)...this is now going to be used for them.  :o)

Then I unwrapped the package with a journal and the little striped dolphin.

The dolphin has a...spicy (?), soapy smell...it smells decadent!  Isn't it the cutest thing, too? 

I thought the journal was a writing journal but thought I'd open it and see....WOW!  How surprised was I to find that it's a photo or scrapbooking journal????

Even better than that???  Look at it's nifty design!!!  How cool is that????  This is the greatest idea, and a novel way, to show off photos and to enhance scrapbooking.

Eva has lots of goodies in her shop and you really should stop by to see them all!

Thanks Eva...you've made my day!!!