Saturday, November 13, 2010

Here We Go Again...Part 2

I have two more wonderful shops to share with you today.

The first is A Green Dress that has upcycled, recycled, and vintage items.  There are a number of cute dresses for toddlers that I wouldn't resist asking for one to be made for my neice.  I wanted a print that had a "hippie" look to it but needed it in a size 5/6 for my niece.  Michelle was wonderful in working with me to find a print that I liked and to make it the correct size.

This cute little dress is an upcycled bedsheet.  Except for the sleeves, it is fully lined with a snap back.

Isn't it super cute???  I think my niece is really going to be happy to have this as one of her gifts.

The next shop is Rosi's Place.  This was a fun place to browse and have added so many new things since I was last there (check out her tic-tac-toe boards...LOVE them!).

I bought this magnet as a stocking stuffer for myself.  It has a heavy duty magnet attached and is well made.  Of  course, I'm a quilter and just HAD to get it.  :o)

The final shop for today is Meg's Crochet Jewels.  She has beautifully crocheted jewelry.  I can't crochet and definately can't make jewelry and she combines them into one art! 

These anklets/bracelets were just too good to pass up.  My daughter's hit that age...16...what in the world am I going to fill her stocking with???  Of course, the usual items but I wanted handmade.  I've already purchased some other items and this was the most recent.

I asked Meg to make it in my daughter's school and gold.   I love it and I know my daughter will, too.  Thanks, Meg!

Hope you come back for the final part of this series; to see the remaining two shops and what I purchased.