Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Here We Go Again...Part 1

It's that time again....I just have to share my wonderful, most recent, handmade purchases and the awesome shops where I purchased them!

In no particular order...the first shop is Tialy's.  Tialy's is a wonderful handmade shop located in France.  There are so many great finds in this shop and I fell in love with my purchase.  Isn't he the cutest little thing???

I have a couple of people (my grandmother being one of them) that is difficult to shop for...what do you get someone who has everything and doesn't want or need anything???  I gave up on gift cards because she'd turn around and give them away!  *sigh*

I  jokingly call this my "trifecta" gift.

1.  My grandmother is from Nova Scotia, Canada and loves ALL things French.
2.  She loves vintage and antique items (especially linens).
3.  She collects owls.

How could I NOT get this adorable critter?  He's even stuffed with wheat and is just heavy enough to sit upright and to even hold a book or two in place.  Thank you, Lynn, for making this one of my best Xmas finds!!!

Now, the second shop is one of my favs and I've purchased everything related to my business from it.  Anne, owns the My Helping Hands graphic design shop.  She continues to impress me and meets (and exceeds) my expectations every time I throw something at her.  LOL

This time I asked her to make Halloween banners and avatars and the same for the holidays.  I'll be ordering my banner to let customers know that I'm at a "show" in the next week or two. 

She has the best prices around and quickly gets your things back to you.

I have so many other purchases...I hope you stop by to see Parts 2 and 3 and all the wonderful shops!