Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Wow! Look At What I Won!!!!

Scott is the owner of the "Madmoravian" shop on Artfire.  He sells beautifully crafted wood pens and bottle stoppers among other things.

I participated in his blog contest last month and was the lucky winner!  I won a $10 gift certificate to his shop.

I bought this beautiful bottle's going to make a perfect Xmas gift for my grandparents. 

Those of you, that know me and/or have followed my blog, know that I'm all about having (as much as possible) a handmade Xmas!  I started my shopping, in August, last year and was done by early November.  I hope to be done much sooner than that this year! 

I had such a STRESS-FREE holiday season knowing that my shopping was finished.  Not to mention a STRESS-FREE/BILL-FREE New Years!