Saturday, February 6, 2010

Look At Our Snow!!!

Wow...I originally planned on my post being about my stockings that I made for my family (a couple of Xmas' ago), but first I had to share my pics of the 2nd storm of the year.  This is crazy weather for us!  Bad enough to have one storm (last week with 7 inches of snow) but to have another one so close behind it is unbelievable!  We have about an inch now but we're not expected to have as much as last week.

Now on to my Xmas stockings...there are 6 of us, so these stockings were perfect.  I also wanted some new ones that showed my love of all things primitive.

These stockings are VERY roomy and are machine-pieced.  All the wool appliques, and stitching, were hand-pieced onto black flannel.  These stockings were a labor of love and I'm (still) really proud of them.

Each stocking measures approximately 11" (from tip of toe to the heel) and 20" (from the top to the lowest point of the toe).  They were with homespun plaids.

What do you think?  I was considering listing them for sale (made to order), in my Artfire shop.  You can click on each pic, to see a closer look at them.

Though due to the length of time that it took, to sew the appliques and stitching by hand, I'm figuring that I would have to list them for $50 each.  I don't know that anyone would be interested in spending that much money, no matter how CUTE they are.