Monday, June 1, 2009

And May's Contest Winner Is....

I tried and tried to think of the most UNBIASED way to choose a winner and figured it out. I've kept a running list of comments (in the order that they were posted).

There were 35 comments lefts!!! Thanks for playing everyone!!!

I asked my 11 year old to pick a number (any number) 1-35...he picked number 24. His favorite number. Who has 24 as a favorite number???? (Okay, I think it just might have to do with Kobe since Dad is a rabid Lakers fan)...but I digress...

May's winner is...drum roll please...Tracy of Braggin' Rights!

Congrats, Tracy! Leaving 3 comments (well, I took the first 3 that fell within the time limit) sporadically throughout the month really paid off! Was that your strategy??? rofl

Congrats and June's contest starts later today once I post a picture of the prize.