Saturday, January 30, 2010

Here's A New Artfire Guild!!!

Kelly, owner of the Bean's Boutique shop, on Artfire has created a new guild for beaders.  It's called the "Friendly Beaders Guild".

Kelly asks that people interested, in joining the guild, be supportive, friendly, and willing to share ideas.

I'm not a beader but I think it's a great place for beaders to meet and share ideas and to give each other support.  Now's a great time to start experimenting with designs or to get feedback on ideas that you've been toying with and weren't sure if/how they'd work.

The guild is still in the "pending" phase.  Just contact Kelly on Artfire and let her know that you're interested in joining the guild.  Also, spread the word to fellow beaders who are looking for a place to meet artisans of like-mind.