Monday, October 5, 2009

Handmade ~ By ~ Sheri

Sheri, owner of the self-named "Handmade ~ by ~ Sheri" Artfire crochet shop, surprised me one day when she asked if I would review a couple of her items. 

She sent to me some wonderfully well-crafted pair of facial scrubbies and a wash cloth.  My first impression, when I opened the package, was the beautiful colors that were used in making the items.  Then on closer inspection, I could see that Sheri is a VERY talented crocheter!

I couldn't wait to give this beauties a try and see if they would hold up when used.  And to see if they would remain intact and keep their shape once they had been washed and dried.

I decided to use the wash cloth while doing my dishes.  I figured...if it could hold up to THAT level of use, then using it in the shower was a no brainer.  Much to my surprise it held up amazingly well!!!  It didn't fall apart or get mishappened.

Next, I move on to the scrubbies.  I don't wear make-up (except on the extreme occasion), so I gave one of them to a close friend to see what she thought of it and how well it helped to remove her make-up.  I thought that the scrubbie would be rough on my face but it wasn' had a gentle exfoliating feel as I washed.

My friend was extremely impressed with her use of the scrubbie.  It easily and, more importantly, gently removed all of her make-up.  She said that her skin felt clean and refreshed.

So, we're 2 for 2 on the wash cloth and scrubbies.  The final test was washing and drying.  Sheri assured me that they could be machine washed and dried and would hold up perfectly.  I have to admit that I was a little skeptical (not being a crocheter/knitter/etc...what do I know???)  They looked to delicate to handle the abuses delivered by a washing machine and dryer.

Yet again, I was pleasantly surprised to find that I was wrong...they held up and looked just as good as the day that I opened my package!

So, over-all, I would CONFIDENTLY and STRONGLY recommend that you purchase from Sheri.  This is one talented crocheter!!!  Her prices are reasonable and now's the time to start thinking about your Christmas purchases!