Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Nature's Honey on Artfire - Featured Artisan

Krista owns the "Nature's Honey" soap shop on Artfire.

She makes and sells handmade bars of soap. All of her soaps are made with natural products. She uses essential oils and oil blends. She also offers fragrance-free soaps. Even her soap wrappers are made with recycled paper.

She has a "coffee" hand soap that is great for removing those pesky kitchen odors (like onion and garlic). It's even great for men who work with smelly things like gas and oil.


She has soap for dogs; for relaxation; and even a number of soaps made from rich goat's milk. Gift baskets are available.

Stop by and check them out for yourself! She offers free shipping for July.

I bet that you know someone who would love to get some of her things for Christmas!!!