Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Confessions of an Etsy Addict...

I heard about etsy on CNN in early January 2009.

Being an avid quilter and crafter, this intrigued me. I went to the site and surfed it for a bit and was soon hooked. The rest is "history" as they say.

I'm now an addict.

I find myself surfing for ideas and materials that might interest potential customers. Instead of sewing for myself all day...I'm sewing items to sell.

I find that my fingers just ITCH to get back online and refresh my shop page (which I, of course, keep opened and minimized all day) to see if viewings, favorites, etc. have increased. And to see if anything's sold. This ITCH is almost impossible to ignore on days that I'm in a showcase.

I find that I'm always features, showcase listings, item descriptions...pretty much everything.

It nice to see that there's a venue for me to express myself creatively. I'd be making, most of these things anyway, and now there's the chance of selling some.

I've recently began surfing for other etsy addicts and (not surprisingly) I'm not alone.

So, if you an addict or know an addict drop a line.

Feel free to give a shout out for your own shop (if you have one) and please pass mine along.

Everything's word of mouth (or blog, in this case) when you're trying to sell anything (especially on the net).

Stop by browse my shop and if you could take the time to answer a poll, it'd be greatly appreciated. Let me know (pros and cons) what you think of the shop and the things I've made.