Saturday, March 14, 2015

Back on The Wagon....

I've sorely neglected my blog the past couple of years.  Life has a way of getting in the way of things!  LOL

I've recently ramped up the number of handmade groups that I belong to, on Facebook, and see the same thing over and over again... desperate, wonderful, talented sellers with little to no online exposure.

So, I thought I'd help out what little bit that I can and have decided to restart my blog and promote my fellow handmade-kin again.

So, every Saturday (or as regular as I possibly can...come August, I will be in holiday inventory mode and probably won't have time to breathe nontheless BLOG!) I will share one to two unknown discovered crafters and artisans.

I came across both of these wonderful ladies, in a group, just this morning!

The first is Deby Sier of:

Deby sells quite an assortment of fine hand-crafted jewelry.  One of my favorite pieces is the Suncharm Necklace ... it does exactly that...catches the rays from the sun and is absolutely charming!
You should also take a look at the assortment of dream catchers available.  I had a difficult time choosing a favorite but did manage to finally narrow it down to this Butterfly one.

The other wonderful artisan is Nicole Mallecoccio of:

Nicole makes aprons, hair accessories, jewelry and much more!

If I had a little one, I would definately be browsing the flower headbands!  How cute is this one:
It would go great with just about all of your daughter's outfits!

And OMG, look at this ADORABLE scarf, mittens, and hat set!!!  

I have had a great time browsing both of these shops and I hope that you'll hope on over and take a look for yourselves.  Make sure that you like their Facebook pages and follow them on Twitter.  

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